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Relationship status :
Last Relationship :
Bestfriends :
Do i miss someone :
Jealous type :
What i hate :
Birthday :
Height :
Eye color :
Favorite Food :

15 likes and ill answer:
Am I single?
Do I miss my last relationship ?
Who has my heart ?
Am I the jealous type?
Who would I date that lms ?
Ex I would take back ?
Someone I hate ?
Someone cute that lms ?
Last time I cried ?
Something I hate ?
Something I love ?
Longest relationship ?
Shortest relationship ?
Who do I miss ?
Girl best friend ?
Guy best friend ?
Crushing on someone ?
Ever changed in a car ?
Eye color ?
Height ?
Do I believe in love ?
Something random ?
Favorite holiday ?
Do I give second chances ?
Have I fell in love ?
Someone I trust with my whole life?

15 Likes And I'll Answer These
1. Name -
2. Nickname -
3. Elementary school -
4. Tall or short -
5. Sweats or jeans -
6. Orange or apple -
7. Do you have a crush on someone -
8. Eat or drink -
9. Piercings -
10. Pepsi or coke -

Have you ever...
11. Been in an airplane ?
12. Been in a relationship ?
13. Been in a car accident ?
14. Been in a fist fight ?

Firsts & lasts
15. First piercing -
16. First best friend -
17. First award -
18. First crush -
19. First word -
20. Last person you talked to in person -
21. Last person you texted -
22. Last friend you watched a movie with -
23. Last food you ate -
24. Last movie you watched in theaters -
25. Last song you listened to -
26. Last thing you bought -
27. Last person you hugged -

28. Food ?
29. Drink ?
30. Flower ?
31. Animal ?
32. Color ?
33. Place ?
34. Movie ?
35. Subject?

Have you ever ...
36. Fallen in love with someone?
37. Celebrated Halloween?
38. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?
39. Wanted to smack someone upside the head?
40. Eaten a whole pizza?
41. Did something you regret?
42. Broke a promise?
43. Hid a secret?
44. Pretend to be happy?

Your future...
45. Want kids?
46. Want to get married?
47. Career?

15 Likes and ill Answer These!
'Who Are My Bestfriends?:
Who Has My Heart?:
What Is My Fave Color?:
Who Was The Last Person i Texted?:
Who Dont i Like?:
My First Everything:
Who Do i Want To Spend My Life With?:
WHAT IS MY biggest Fear?:
WHO Makes My Day Go Right ?:
Where Do i Wanna Be 5 YEARS From Now?:

15 likes & i'll answer these questions
1. Favorite color?
2. Birthday?
3. Crush?
4. Bestfriend?
5. Can i ride a fixie?
6. Last call?
7. Last text?
8. Last movie i saw?
9. Last song i heard?

1. Full Name :
2. Current Crush :
3. Addiction :
4. Relationship Status :
5. How Tall Am I :
6. Girls I Trust :
7. Boys I Trust :
8. Last Person I Hugged :
9. Favorite Color :
10. Who I'd Date That Lms :
11. Someone Cute That Lms :
12. Someone Who Is Always There For Me :
13. Last Text :
14. Whose A Stranger That Lms :
15. Who Makes Me Laugh :
16. Who I Do The Craziest Things With :
17. Who Makes Me Smile :
18. What I'm Listening Too :
19. Who I Hate :
20. What I Wish I Could Change :

My relationship status :
My addiction :
My best friend:
Some one I truly trust :
Last person i hugged :
Someone I do the craziest stuff with :
Someone I tell everything to :
One confession :
Someone I miss :
Someone i hate :
Someone i love :
Someone who understands me the most :
Someone I had fun with this summer :
My biggest fear :
Biggest turn off : "
3 thinqs I hate :
3 things I love :
Who I will take a bullet for that
Someone cute who LMS
Best smile that LMS :
First person in my contact list :
My last text from :
Who I tell everything to :
Last food :
Who i trust :
What i love :
What i can't wait for ?

15 likes for 15 questions
Tea or coffee :
Whats was the crazy fight have I been in :
Zombie games or car games:
Coke or Pepsi:
hoodies or long sleeve:
cake or chips:
who do you have a crush on:
last person to text you :
Last one you hang with:
t shirts or muscle shirt:
Fav hockey team :
Whats my fav sport :
My fav color :
What school do I go to :
Who do I like :

15 likes & ill answer this!
1. Full name:
2. Current crush:
3. Addiction:
4. Relationship status:
5. Whose cute that lms:
6. Girls I trust:
7. Boys I trust:
8. Favorite color:
9. Confession:
10. Who I miss:
11. Someone who is always there for me:
12. Last text:
13. Who makes me laugh that lms:
14. Who makes me smile:
15. What song Iím listening to:
16. Someone I love:
17. What I want to be when I'm older:
18. My favorite song:
19. Last thing I ate:
20. What were you doing at 12 am last night?

5 Likes And I'll Answer These!
My relationship status:
My addiction:
My Bestfriend:
Someone I truely trust:
Last person I hugged:
Someone I do the craziest stuff with:
Someone I tell everything to:
One confession:
Someone I miss:
Someone I hate:
Someone I love:
Someone who understands me the most:
Someone I had fun with this summer:
My biggest fear:
3 things I hate:
3 things I love:
Who will I take a bullet for that lms:
Someone cute who lms:
Best smile that lms based off pictures:
First person in my contact list:
My last texts from:
Who I tell everything to:
Last food:
Who I trust:
What I love:
What I can't wait for:
Whose the cutest boy/girl that lms:
Who I wanna chill with that lms:
Best looking girl to lms:
Best looking boy to lms:


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