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15 Likes &' I'll Answer These Questions
1. Last Drink:
2. Favorite Song:
3. Bestfriends:
4. Last Text:
5. Thing That Last Made You Laugh:
6. Biggest Fear:
7. Person You Love:
8. Cutest Person That LMS:
9. Dumbest Lie Ever Told:
10. Someone Funny Who LMS:
11. Age:
12. Full Name:
13. Nicknames:
14. Favorite Color:
15. Someone You Miss:
16. Something You Regret Doing:
17. Favorite mmovie:
18. Favorite Memory:
19. New Years Resolution:
20. What You Got For Christmas:
21. Favourite Number:
22. Thing That Annoys You:
23. Shoe Size:
24. Birthday:

My ABC's... 15 likes
(A)re you single:
(C)rushing on someone?
(D)rink you had last:
(E)asiest person to talk to:
(F)avorite person:
(G)uy best friend:
(H)ome town:
(I)n love with:
(J)ealous of:
(K)nown as:
(L)ongest friendship:
(M)iddle name:
(P)erson that gives good advice:
(Q)uestion I'm always asked:
(R)eason to smile:
(S)ong you last listened to:
(T)ime you woke up:
(U)gliest person on Facebook:
(V)iolent memory:
(W)orst habit:
(X)You never stopped loving:
(Y)our last hug:
(Z)Person you hate the most

15 likes and I'll answer....
1; last text:
2; ex you want back:
3; boy(s) you trust:
4; girl(s) you trust:
5; relationship status:
6; do you like anyone?:
7; do you fall to fast?:
8; favorite season:
9; normal outfit:
10; favorite animal:
11; best friend:
12; who do you hate:
13; someone you miss:
14; full name:
15; last inbox:
16; someone that makes you laugh:
17: last song you listened to:
18; who I tell everything to:
19; favorite song:
20; favorite thing to do:

15 Likes And I'll Answer :)
A -Available =
B -Birthday =
C -Crushing On =
D -Drink You Last Had =
E -Easiest Person To Talk To=
F -Favorite Color=
G -Grades In School=
H -Hometown=
I -In Love With=
J -Jealous Of=
K -Killed Someone=
L -Love Who=
M -Milkshake Flavor=
N -Never Have I Ever=
O -One Wish=
P -Person Who Called You Last=
Q -Question You're Always Asked=
R -Reason To Smile=
S -Song You're Listening To=
T -Time You Woke Up=
U -Unforgettable Moment
V -Very Best Friend(s)=
W -Worst Habit=
X - X-Rays You've Had=
Y -Your Last Time You Cried=
Z -Zodiac Sign=

15 likes & ill answer
1.) Relationship Status:
2.) Height:
3.) Bestfriend:
4.) My Ex:
5.) What Do I Regret:
6.) Something I Should Change:
7.) Confession:
8.) Who I Can Always Count On:
9.) I Wish:
10.) Goal:
11.) A Secret:
12.) Favorite Memory:
13.) I Hate: 14.) I Love:
15.) Favorite Tv Show:
16.) Something Weird About Me:
17.) Who Means The World To Me:
18.) Weight:
19.) Something That Annoys Me:
20.) Something I'm Scared Of:
21.) My Crush:

15 likes and I'll admit ;
1. Do you enjoy drama?
2. Are you a girly girl?
3. Are you short?
4. Do you like somebody?
5. How many best guy friends do you have?
6. Crush(es) name :
7. Do you have a best friend?
8. Do you like your life?
9. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
10. What are your biggest fears?
11. Are you currently missing someone?
12. Who are you texting right now?
13. Pink or black?
14. Hoodies or jackets?
15. Straight or curly hair?
16. Black or white?
17. Smoothies or lattes?
18. Diet or regular soda?
19. Water or Pop?
20. iPod or cell phone?
21. Thing you love to do?
22. Favorite Food?
23. Favorite Celebrity?

15 Likes For A Countdown...
10 facts about me
9 facts about my bestfriend
8 facts about my family
7 facts about my crush
6 facts about my room
5 facts about my parents
4 facts about my ex
3 facts about my school
2 facts about my hometown
1 fact about the person I hate

Lms: 15 likes
1. Relationship Status
2. Jealous Type
3. Girls I Trust
4. Boys I Trust
5. Crush
6. Last Person I Texted
7. Last Person I Hugged
8. Last Person I Kissed
9. Fav. Color

5 likes and ill answer the questions
My favorite inside joke:
People I look up to:
Do i like someone:
Natural hair color:
Favorite color:
favorite movie:
Favorite song:
Someone I miss:
Last Person I texted:
Last person I called:
Someone I'm talking to right now:
Where i wish I was right now:
Favorite day:
Favorite smiley:
What was your last dream about:
Last thing you said to your brother:
What are you doing right now:
What are your plans for today:
Favorite class:
Favorite place to eat:
Have you ever kissed a guy:
Last thing you watched on t.v:
Last person to make you smile:
Last person to make you laugh:
What do you love:
What do you hate:
Favorite person to talk to:
Where was your profile picture taken:
Who is your guy bestfriend:
Are you happy:
Are you sad:
If you could change anything what would it be:

5 likes ill answer
My best guy friend
My crush
My dream
Someone i can trust...
Celebrity crush
Favorite actor
Favorite color
Favorite animals
Sports i play


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