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15 likes, and I'll answer
1. Height?
2. Virgin?
3. Shoe size?
4. do you smoke?
5. do you drink?
6. age your mistaken for?
7. have tattoos?
8. want tattoos?
9. Got any piercings?
10. Want any piercings?
11. Best Friend?
12. Relationship status?
13. Biggest turn ons?
14. Biggest turn offs?
15. Favorite movie?
16. Ill love you if?
17. Someone You miss?
18. Most traumatic experience?
19. A fact about your personality?
20. What I hate most about myself?
21. What I love most about myself?

15 Likes and I'll answer
1- Full name
2- Age
3- birthday
4- turn on
5- turn off

15 likes and ill answer;
Favorite color:
People I trust:

15 Likes And I'll Do This:)
Am I Single?
Am I The Jealous Type?
Last Time I Cryed? Something I Hate?
Something I Love?
Longest Relationship?
Shortest Relationship?
Boy Bestfriend?
Girl Bestfried?
Who Makes Me Smile?
Favorite Color?
Have I Ever Been In Love?


5 likes and I'll do these
Last hug:
Last phone call:
Last text message
Last song you heard:
Last time you cried:
Dated someone twice:
Been cheated on:
Kissed someone & regretted it:
Lost someone special:
Been depressed:
Pulled all-nighter:

full name?
relationship status?
favorite song?
who has your heart?
closest parent?
last person you texted?
last song you heard?
favorite animal?
person you do crazy stuff with?
color eyes?
hottest guy in your grade?
hotttest girl in your grade?
best memory?
last thing you ate?
favorite sport?
someone you can tell anything?
craziest thing youve done?
people that annoy you?
best feature?
someone you miss?
funniest person you know?


15 For These
Dear best friend;
Dear boyfriend;
Dear ex;
Dear role model;
Dear person i love;
Dear person I hate;
Dear siblings;
Dear old me;
Dear future me;


15 likes and i will right a paragraph about them
Dear bestfriend
Dear crush
Dear person I hate
Dear brother
Dear sister
Dear person I trust

15 Likes And Iíll Answer Each question:
My relationship status:
My addiction:
My best friend:
Some one I truly trust:
Last person i hugged :
Someone I do the craziest stuff with:
Someone I tell everything to:
One confession:
Someone I miss:
Someone i hate:
Someone i love:
Someone who understands me the most:
Someone i had fun with this summer:
My biggest fear:
1 things I hate:
1 things I love:
Someone cute :
My last texts from:
Who I tell everything to:
Last food:
Who i trust:
What i canít wait for:
Whose The cutest boy/girl:
Who i wanna chill with:

-Relationship Status:
-Last Relationship Kiss:
-Longest Relationship:
-Shortest Relationship:
-Someone Cute Who Liked This:
-Favorite Colors:
-Two Things I Love:
-Someone With A Nice Smile:
-Last Person I Called:
-Who I Tell Everything To:
-Who I Last Cried In Front Of:
-Last Person I Texted:
-My Birthday:
-Someone I Dislike:
-Someone I Like:
-Who I Stole This Status From:
-Current Crush:
-Best Friend:
-One Girl I Trust:
-One Boy I Trust:
-Current Mood:
-Last Hug:
-Who I Miss:
-Who Is Always There For Me:
-Who Makes Me Laugh The Most:
-Who I Do The Craziest Stuff With:


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