50 Best Funny Dog Jokes

Browse this cute and funny collection of dog jokes. Sure, some of these jokes are corny but kids will love them! Enjoy.

What do you call a dog in the winter?
A chilli dog.

What was the special offer at the pet store this week? 
Buy 1 Dog get 1 Flea 

Why are dogs like phones?
Because they have collar IDs!

Why do dogs run in circles?
Because it’s hard to run in squares!

What did the dalmatian say after finishing his meal?
That hit the spot.

Where do dogs go after the their tails fall off?
The re-tail store.

Which dog breed absolutely LOVES living in the city?
A New Yorkie!

Which dog breed does Dracula love the most?
Blood hounds!

What do you call a dog with a fever? 
A hot dog.


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