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Like And I'll Answer:
~If we were on a sinking ship Id~
{}Tell you I love you
{}Tell you I hate you
{}Kiss you
{}Hug you
{}Punch you
{}Use you as a raft
{}Try to save your life
~If you kissed me Id~
{}Like it
{}Hate it
{}Kiss you back
{}Punch you
{}Be surprised
{}Act like nothing happened and move on
~If you died Id~
{}Throw a party
{}Go to your funeral
{}Act like nothing happened
{}Be Depressed
{}Be happy
{}Never forget you
{}Be like wait, who was it that died again?
{}Lose someone who I care about a lot
~If you said you liked the opposite sex Id~
{}Be surprised
{}Be mad
{}Run away from you
{}Have a new gay best friend
{}Be happy
~If it started raining I would~
{}Leave you in the rain
{}Kiss you
{}Share my umbrella
{}Jump in a puddle and splash you

10 likes and I'll Answer
Relationship status:
Someone cute who liked this:
Favorite colors:
Something I love:
Someone with a nice smile:
Last person I called:
Who I tell everything to:
Who I last cried on front of:
Last person I texted:
My birthday:
Age mistaken for:
Someone I dislike:
Someone I like:
Current crush:
Best friends:
Girl I trust:
Guy I trust:
Current mood:
Who I miss:
Who is ALWAYS there for me:
Who makes me laugh the most:
Who I do the craziest stuff with:
Who makes me smile:
Who annoys me?
Question I always ask my self?

Mark the box confession;
[] I like your profile picture.
[] I had/have a crush on you.
[] You're cute.
[] You're a stranger, that needs to change.
[] You're ugly.
[] You're funny.
[] You're fake.
[] I love you.
[] I miss you.
[] You've made me mad before.
[] You make me smile.
[] I would kiss you on the cheek.
[] I would hug you.
[] I would date you.
[] I would marry you on facebook just for fun.
[] You got swag.
[] You should put this as your status so I can like it

Like This:
If we walked home I would:
[] Hold your hand
[] Push you in a Bush
[] Trip you
[] Talk to you
[] Ignore you
You are:
[] One of my best friends
[] Friends
[] My ex
[] My worst enemy
[] I don't really know you
We should:
[] Talk more
[] Get to know each other better
[] Chill
[] Text
[] Date

LMS For These:
Before this year is over, i want;
[] A Hug
[] Wallpost
[] A promise that our friendship will last forever
[] A promise that you will always have my back
[] A present!
[] I don't know (after all that XD)

If you snuck in my room we'd___
[] Cuddle (aka FIGHT TO THE DEATH XD jkjk)
[] Watch movies
[] Play Truth or Dare
[] Talk
[] Smash
[] Hook Up
[] Whatever you want

Would I date you?
[] Yes
[] No
[] Maybe
[] I don't know

You should___
[] Talk to me more
[] Get to know me more
[] Stop being a stranger
[] I don't know
[] Make this your status so I can like

~If you died Id~
{}Throw a party
{}Go to your funeral
{}Act like nothing happened
{}Be Depressed
{}Be happy
{}Never forget you
{}Be like wait, who was it that died again?
{}Lose someone who I care about a lot
~If you said you liked the opposite sex Id~
{}Be surprised
{}Be mad
{}Say Nothing new
{}Run away from you
{}Have a new gay best friend
{}Make sure nothing changed between us
{}Be happy
~In ten years I see you~
{}Drug Dealer
{}Same as now
{}With me

Like For 10 Questions
-How we met?
-Name in my phone?
-Who you are to me?
-One Word That describes you?
-What i dislike about you?
-Favorite memory?
-First Impression?
-How close we are out of 10?
-Do I trust you?
-Do i dare you to put this as your status?

Like For Funny Questions
Zombies Chased Us i would
[] Trip Youu.c;
[] Die With Youu :D
[] ***** , We Shooting These Mother F*ckers Down ;D
[] Tell Them Too Eat Youu First[x
... ... ... ...
If We Were Alone , We Would;
[] Do Nothing , COME ON , NOW !
[] PARTY !!! ;D
[] Kick Youu The F*ck Out -_-
[] Tell Youu Too Run Away , Or Else.
[] Kiss &'d Maybe Go Further 

If We Were In a Haunted House , i Would :
[] Hide Behind Youu.[x
[] Hold Your Hand Tightly O;
[] Race Youu Around The Place Till We Find Ghost 2 Bust #GhostBusters SWAGG
[] We Wouldnt Go In Together -.-

Youu Should:
[] Stop Being a Stranger
[] Inbox Me O;
[] Make This Your Status So i Can Like It.(x
[] Text Me ;D

LMS For..
[] eyes.
[] smile
[] body.
[] personality.
[] forever.
[] best friends.
[] friends.
[] my ex.
[] dont really know you.
[] be mine.
[] inbox me;D.
[] piss off.
[] put this as your status so i can like it.
[] get to know me:).
[] be like wtf:/.
[] punch you.
[] walk away confused.
[] kiss you back.
[] laugh.
[] slap you.

() True () False → I Have / Had A Crush On You Before .
() True () False → We Should Chill .
() True () False → I Miss You : )
() True () False → I Love You ♥
() True () False → You Should Be Mine . (Alreadyy Iss)
() True () False → We are strangers
() True () False → You should change that
() True () False → We Fell Of Track
() True () False → Make This Your Status So I Can Like It
() True () False → INBOX ME ASAP

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