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LMS for the YES or NO game.
1. you're ugly :
2. you're cute :
3. I would kiss you :
4. I would go out with you :
5. Do you make me smile :
6. you're a stranger :
7. you're a friend :
8. I Would hug you :
9. you should Inbox me :
10. I lied on one of these:

If you called me at 4:30am i'd;
[] smile ( : & answer
[] ignore
[] answer
[] be like "wtf this bxtch want " -__-

If you snuck in my room i'd;
[] Fight you !
[] Let you spend the night ( :
[] smash ( ;
[] Cuddle ♥
[] Chill
[] yell Get Tha **** out Foo !

If you asked me out i'd;
[] accept ( :
[] maybe
[] decline

If we walked home id;
[] Hold your hand ♥
[] push you in a bush :p
[] trip you & run !
[] Give you a kiss ( :
[] Talk about thing

If I saw you, I would ________
[] Run up and hug you.
[] Scream your name super loud.
[] Say hi.
[] Smile.
[] Give you a hug.
[] Kiss you
[] Push you in front of a car

[] 1-3
[] 4-5
[] 6-9
[] 10+
[] Too good for numbers

I honestly think that you are __________
[] Cute.
[] Attractive.(;
[] Pretty.
[] Funny.
[] Weird.
[] Cool.
[] Nice.
[] Hot.

LMS And I'll Answer
Would I date you.?
[] Definitely.
[] Of course. (LOL jokes)
[] Cute, but not my type.
[] Sure, why not?
[] no.
[] Not Saying.
[] You deserve better.
[] Just Best friends.
[] Maybe.
[] dont know you tell me xD
[] already am

If I saw you sleeping on my floor I would __________
[] Put a blanket over you. LOL
[] Let you sleep.
[] Wake you up and tell u to come lay with me
[] Be like, wtf?!
[] Put shaving cream up your nose, in your ear, in your mouth. All over you.
[] Think "awwww".
[] Kick you.
[] Pinch you.
[] Shave your head. Just for shits and giggles.
[] Grab my pillow and sleep right beside you.
[] Grab a knife and fork and start putting salt and pepper on you, and salad and wait for you to wake up. Just for shits and giggles and to see your reaction.

You should.?
[] Be Mine.
[] Post this as your status so I can like it.
[] Text me
[] Inbox me
[] Hug me
[] Kiss me

~I can see us~
{}Living together
{}Being close
{}Not talking
{}Doing crazy stuff
~If it started raining I would~
{}Leave you in the rain
{}Kiss you
{}Share my umbrella
{}Jump in a puddle and splash you

~If we were going on a road trip together we would go to~
{}Visit Family
{}New York
{}Disney World
{}Somewhere in the country
{}Any and everywhere <3

~If you slept over~
{}I’d be on the floor
{}You’d be on the floor
{}Same bed
{}I’d be on the couch
{}You’d be on the couch
{}In eachother’s arms
{}Seperate bedrooms
{}You’d be in my bathtub


You're My....
[] Babee >_♥
[] Friendd
[] Futuree Babee
[] Facebook Friend
[] Stranger >.<
[] Bestieee (:
[] Brother
[] Sister
[] Nothinq Really O;
[] My WifeY ^ . ♥♥
[] Text Mee
[] Call Mee
[] Hmu Moree
[] Chill With Mee
[] Inbox Mee.
[] Nothinq -____-

[] Yourr Body
[] Eyess
[] Smilee(:
[] Lipss
[] Personality
[] Dimpless (:
[] Everythinq ♥ ;D
[] Nothing Sorry

[] Yes ♥
[] No -_____-
[] MayBee(;
[] G T F O !!
[] Just Friendss

LMS Baby
{}I hate you
{}I love you
{}I miss you
{}I want you
{}I like your profile picture
{}I don’t like your profile picture
{}We should hang
{}You should text me sometime
~I like your~
{}Just you as a whole
{}Nothing at all
~I think you’re~
{}A great friend
{}A horrible friend
{}My true love
{}A stranger

Like for....
[]you're gorgeous.
[]you're good looking
[]we've kissed before.
[]i think you're cute.
[] we should hang out someday.
[] we're friends.
[] i love you.
[] i miss you.
[] you're weird.
[] i'd kiss you.
[] i don't know you.
[] i'd hug you.
[] we should talk more.
[]you're a knob.
[] text me.
[] you're very pretty.
[] your fit.
[] i'd like to get to know you better.
[] i'd date you.
[] make this your status so i can like it.

Like For:
How much do i like you?
[] ♥♥♥♥♥
[] ♥♥♥♥
[] ♥♥♥
[] ♥♥
[] ♥

One word to describe you?
[] Ugly
[] Pretty
[] Beautiful
[] Alright
[] Hot
[] Awesome
[] Fit !

How long would I date you?
[] Weeks
[] Months
[] Years
[] Keeper
[] I don't see us together
[] um..how bout never♥


Like my status for
How old you look:
Name I call you:
Are we close:
Are you worth my time:
Would I talk to you:
Do I love you:
What are you to me:
Do I like your profile picture:
Do I trust you:
Have you ever made me smile:
Have you ever made me mad:
Would I marry you on Facebook:

12 Likes and I'll Tell:
Full Name:
My Crush:
Zodiac Sign:
Best Friend:
Favorite Rapper:
Who I Tell Everything To:
Favorite Color:
Biggest Fear:
One Thing I Hate:
Someone I Love:
Someone I Dislike:


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