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My crush -
My trustie -
My twin -
My clostie -
Last person I hugged -
People ill slide for -
My Favorite color -
My age -
Height -
Who I love -
Like a sister to me -

LMS If You Have:
* Tattoos
* Piercings
* Dimples
* Back Dimples
* The Cake;)
* A boyfreind
* A girlfreind
* A cuffinge Picture
* A mother/Father
* Laptop
* Phone
* Crush
* Something Pink/Red/or Blue in ur room
* Job

(I)NTREST in you? :3
(N)asty? :x
(E)xpectations? :/

If you asked to have sex, I would say;
[] No way.
[] Maybe. ;D
[] Depends. If I was drunk. xD
[] I don't know you. ;p

Would I date you;
[] Yes.
[] No.
[] I am right now.
[] Yes, will you be my Girlfriend/Boyfriend?.
[] We are Married.

[] 1-10.
[] YOU BEAT ME. ^.^

Should you put this as your status
[] Yes.
[] No.
[] If you want. :')

We should;
[] Talk MOREE.
[] F.U.C.K.
[] Date.

True or False ?
[]T [] F - You Are Cute!
[] T [] F - I'd Go Out With You c;
[] T [] F You Mean Something To Me♥
[] T [] F - I would treat you right if we were together
[] T [] F - I Had A Crush On You Before
[] T [] F - We Should Chill XD
[] T [] F You Should Talk/ Text more

If u snuck in my room:
[]Kick you outttt!
[]]Smash! ;D
[]Go back To Sleep
[] Make you Breakfast
[]I love you
[]I Miss youu </3
[]Wanna Fight !
[] I Usee To likee you
[] Your attractive ;D
[] Your beautiful/cute
[]We Should Chill !
[] Text me : )
[] Lettts try again
[] Your a Stranger !

1.Would i fuck You?
2.Condom On?
3.Loud or Quiet?
4.Fast or Slow?
5.High or Sober?
6.Mins or Hours?
7.Bite Marks or Hickeys?
8.69 or Doggy style?

LMS For A Color!!

RED: I Wanna Be Your Valentine

PINK: I Wanna Go Out With You

BLUE: I Miss You

YELLOW: I Used To Like You...

ORANGE: I Have A Crush On You

SILVER: I Had A Crush On You

BROWN: I Love You

GREEN: Your Cute

Lms?? For.......
If you died:
If you tripped on a rock:
If you kissed me:
If you lived next door:
If I woke up next to you:
If you cried:
Do I like your profile picture:
What i remember about meeting you:
Do I want you to talk to you more:

* LMS For Inboxed 21 Questions ;]
O1 : TBH :
O2 : Are uu Valid ?
O3 would I Kiss you ?
O4 Are uu Ugly ?
O5 would I Cuff ?
O6 Do You Make Me Smile ?
O7 Are You A Stranger ?
O8 Are uu Ah Friend ?
O9 Do I Love You ?
1O Are You My Type ?
11 Do I See You In My Future ?
12 Should You Hmu More ?
13 I Had A Crush On You Before ?
14 Should You Make This Your Status ?
15 Do I Like You ?
16 Do You Get Me Mad ?
17 Have I Ever Hated You ?
18 Rate ?
19 We Should ?
2O Best Feature ?
21 Smash / Pass ?

[] true or [] false: ur cute?
[] true or [] false : I would hug u
[] true or [] false : I would kiss u?
[] true or [] false : I would go out with u ?
[] true or [] false : I hate u?
[] true or [] false : I would treat you right?
[] true or [] false : I have/ had a crush on u before ?
[] true or [] false : we should chill?
[] true or [] false : I miss u?
[] true or [] false : we are strangers ?
[] true or [] false : u make or have made me smile ?



LMS For an (inbox)
Yes or No question
1. Are you cute?
2. Are you ugly?
3. Are we friends?
4. Are we strangers?
5. We should talk more?
6. I don't know you but should we talk?
7. Would I date you?
8. Would I kiss you?
9. Should we hang out?
10. Should I text you?
11. Should we get married on Facebook?


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