The 50 Best Happy Birthday Memes

Not the 50 best happy birthday memes, not this time. What we have here is the 125 best happy birthday memes and funny birthday pictures. Browse our huge birthday meme selection and share them with your friends!

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21st birthday meme - girl on cake
21st Birthday

Archer Birthday Meme
Archer Birthday Meme

Just called to say happy birthday, btw i ate your cake
Ate Your Cake

Best Birthday ever meme
Best Birthday Ever

It's your birthday meme
It’s Your Birthday

happy birthday i made this cake for you - batman birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Batman

Ryan Gosling birthday meme
Ryan Gosling Birthday

baby birthday meme - mafia kid - mobster baby
Mafia Kid Birthday Meme

Bill Murray Birthday Meme
Bill Murray Wishes You A Happy Birthday

Ain't nobody got time for that birthday meme
Birthday Cake Fire

bunny rabbit birthday meme
Cute Bunny Birthday

happy birthday in Chinese meme
Happy Birthday In Chinese

grumpy cat birthday meme - another year closer to death - good
Grumpy Cat Birthday

Kim jon un birthday meme - come i clap for you
Come I Clap For You

corgi dog birthday meme
Corgi Birthday

i'm gonna cut you up - birthday meme
Gonna Cut You Up

business cat - birthday meme
Business Cat Birthday

i don't always delete friends on facebook. but when i do, it's their birthday. meme
Deleting Friends On Facebook

i don't always wish a happy birthday on Facebook but when i do its with memes.
Happy Birthday With Memes

happy fucking birthday meme
Happy Fucking Birthday

dick in a box, you're doing it wrong. birthday meme
You’re Doing It Wrong

Red Foreman birthday meme
Red Foreman Says Happy Birthday

Every dog has his day - Birthday meme
Every Dog Has His Day

Oprah Winfrey birthday meme - you get a birthday everyone gets a birthday
Oprah Winfrey Birthday

drunk baby birthday meme
Drunk Baby Birthday

gangster grandma birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Grandma

willy wonka birthday meme
35 Birthday Comments On Facebook

Futurama Fry not sure of if birthday meme
Facebook Reminded Them

i came here to drink margaritas birthday meme
Happy Birthday

they forgot my birthday meme
They Forgot My Birthday Meme

Jesus Happy Birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Jesus

nobody gives a hoot about my cake day - birthday meme
No One Gives A Hoot

happy birthday go hard meme
Go Hard!

happy birthday dam goats meme
Dam Goats! 😀

happy birthday i was going to drink anyway
Was Going To Drink Anyway – Birthday Meme

birthdays are good for your health - funny birthday meme
Birthdays Are Good For Your Health

got you something special - funny birthday meme
Got You Something Special

happy 21st birthday meme
Happy 21st

happy B-Day? why not happy A+ Day - Funny Birthday Meme
Happy B-Day?

Happy Birthday Gringo - Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday Gringo

Obama Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday From Obama

Happy Birthday Bitch
Happy Birthday Bitch

Happy Birthday Dude Meme
Happy Birthday Dude

Happy Birthday From Chow - Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday From Chow

Scarface Birthday Meme
Scarface Birthday Meme

Game Of Thrones Birthday Meme
Game of Thrones Birthday Meme

Dr. Evil Birthday Meme - happy fricken birthday
Happy Birthday From Dr. Evil

Bob Ross Birthday Meme
Bob Ross Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday from Javert Meme
Happy Birthday

Yo dawg i i heard you like happy birthdays
I Heard You Like Happy Birthdays

Dave Chapelle Happy Birthday meme
Here’s Some Pancakes – Prince Birthday Meme

Ryan Gosling Birthday Meme
Ryan Gosling Birthday Meme

Hipster Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday From On Hipster To Another

Sloth Happy Birthday Meme
Sloth Birthday Meme

You're How Old? Birthday meme
You’re How Old?

Hulk Hogan Happy Birthday Brother Meme
Hulk Hogan Birthday Meme

I Don't Have Birthdays, I Level Up. Birthday Meme
I Don’t Have Birthdays, I Level Up

I will find you and i will wish you a happy birthday - meme
I Will Find You – Birthday Meme

if you were jesus today would be christmas meme
If You Were Jesus

Ermahgerd Happy Birthday Meme

Ryan Gosling Birthday Meme
Ryan Gosling Birthday Meme

Johnny Depp Birthday Meme
Johnny Depp Birthday Meme

Dwight Schrute Birthday Meme - Age is just a number, False Age is a word
Dwight Schrute Birthday Meme

Birthday Meme
Have a Cupcake

Like a good wine, you're only getting better with age - birthday meme
Getting Better With Age

Game of thrones birthday meme - happy birthday little dove
Happy Birthday Little Dove

cat birthday meme - live long and pawspurr
Live Long And Pawspurr

happy birthday you magnificent bastard - will ferrell birthday meme - anchorman
Anchorman Birthday Meme

funny birthday meme - blow out your wish and make a candle
Baked Birthday

funny birthday meme - make it so
Make It So Birthday Meme

bad luck brian birthday meme funny
Bad Luck Brian Birthday Meme

Monty Python birthday meme
Monty Python Birthday Meme

live longer funny bithday meme
Live Longer

Morgan Freeman funny birthday meme
Morgan Freeman Birthday

get nasty for your birthday - funny meme
Get Nasty For Your Bithday

why you no doctor yet - funny birthday meme
Why You No Doctor Yet? Birthday Meme

mom made carrot cake, no one came - funny birthday meme
No One Came

no one comes - birthday meme

one does not simply get a meme for their birthday
One Does Not Simply Not Get A Meme For Their Birthday

oh lord jesus happy birthday
Oh Lord Jesus, Happy Birthday!

happy birthday old balls
Old Balls

yoda birthday meme - old you have become
Happy Birthday From Yoda

Jon Snow Game Of Thrones birthday meme
Game Of Thrones Birthday

socially awkward penguin birthday meme
Don’t Notice

Dimebag Darrel Birthday Meme
Pantera Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday you party animal birthday meme
You Party Animal

happy birthday you pirate hooker - Will Ferrell Anchorman Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday You Pirate Hooker

Happy Birthday I Pooped In Your Shoes - Grumpy Cat Birthday Meme
Grumpy Cat Birthday Meme

Proceed Hussy It Is Your Birthday - funny birthday meme
It’s Your Birthday Meme

Samuel L Jackson Birthday Meme -happy birthday motherfucker
Samuel L. Jackson Birthday Meme

Funny Birthday Meme - happy birthday pumpkin
Happy Birthday Pumpkin

happy birthday bro - rambo birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Rambo

did they remember my birthday - Futurama Fry Squinting meme
Facebook Told Them

birthdays are like rewards for surviving - funny birthday meme
Rewards For Surviving

Richard Simmons Birthday Meme - Oh my god it's your birthday! OMG
Richard Simmons Birthday Meme

Rick and Morty Birthday Meme - Aww Bitch Have a Happy Birthday
Aww Bitch, Happy Birthday!

Rick James Dave Chapelle - Happy Birthday Meme
Rick James Birthday Meme

Rick And Morty Birthday Meme - Let's get riggity wrecked
Rick And Morty Birthday Meme

dog birthday meme - you shouldn't have
You Shouldn’t Have!

Walking Dead Birthday Meme - Negan Happy Birthday smashing time
Happy Birthday From Negan

Stay Gangster Happy Birthday - Carlson Birthday Meme - Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Stay Gangster

Steve Harvey Birthday Meme - Merry Christmas, I mean happy birthday
Steve Harvey Birthday

Stranger Things Happy Birthday Meme
Stranger Things Birthday

Funny Dog Birthday Meme
It’s Your Birthday?

Golden Girls Birthday Meme
Golden Girls Birthday

I Am The One Who Wishes You A Happy Birthday - Breaking Bad Birthday Meme
Breaking Bad Birthday Meme

Patrick Swayze Birthday Meme - Have the time of your life
Have The Time Of Your Life

Thor Happy Birthday Meme
Thor Says Happy Birthday

Dawsons Creek Birthday Meme
Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Too Old For A Birthday Party - Funny birthday meme
Too Old For Life

Trump Happy Birthday Meme - no one wishes a happy birthday better than me
Happy Birthday From Donald Trump

Funny 21st Birthday Meme
Happy 21st Birthday

wake and bake a cake birthday meme
Time To Wake And Bake

Whats up hot dawg - funny birthday meme
Happy Birthday Homie

why not Zoidberg funny birthday meme
Why Not Zoidberg Birthday

Remembered Friends Birthday without Facebook - Birthday Meme
Remembered Without Facebook

Home Alone Birthday Meme - Happy Birthday Ya Filthy Animal
Happy Birthday Ya Filthy Animal

Crank Yankers Birthday Meme - Yayyy

Happy Birthday Meme
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday You Sexy Thing - Captain Picard birthday Meme
Captain Picard Birthday
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