Every dog has his day - Birthday meme
Every Dog Has His Day

Oprah Winfrey birthday meme - you get a birthday everyone gets a birthday
Oprah Winfrey Birthday

drunk baby birthday meme
Drunk Baby Birthday

gangster grandma birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Grandma

willy wonka birthday meme
35 Birthday Comments On Facebook

Futurama Fry not sure of if birthday meme
Facebook Reminded Them

i came here to drink margaritas birthday meme
Happy Birthday

they forgot my birthday meme
They Forgot My Birthday Meme

Jesus Happy Birthday meme
Happy Birthday From Jesus

nobody gives a hoot about my cake day - birthday meme
No One Gives A Hoot

happy birthday go hard meme
Go Hard!

happy birthday dam goats meme
Dam Goats! 😀


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