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Great Sayings About Love

Do you need a great quote or picture to express your love? I really Enjoy making these galleries, they really fill me with joy! I hope you like this one, we have some awesome quotes and pictures. Check out this adorable collection of quotes, guaranteed to make you smile!

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I Am Addicted To You

Heart Book

Love Cards

The Hearts In The Clouds

I Love You

All The World

My Heart Only Beats For You

This Heart On Fire

Nothing In ThIs World Compares To The Comfort And Security

How Fast My Heart Beats

Fall In Love Once

I Love You More Than Coffee

More Than Pizza

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

Love Is The Master Key

Fire Love

Love Never Fails

It Means Forever

Graffiti Love

It Never Fails

Someone Who Accepts Your Past

I Heart You

We Loved With a Love That Was More Than Love

I Love You This Much

Love You More

The Best Love Quotes

More Than Cookies

Loved You Yesterday


More And More Everyday

More Than I Did Before

How I Feel Everyday

Weird Love

My Heart Will Always Be Yours

I Need You

Never Stop Loving

Heart Island

Abstract Love Picture

Puzzle Piece


Written In Sand


Sign Language

Love Took Slow Steps

In The Sky

More Than Anything In The Whole Wide World

To The Moon And Back

Where There Is Love, There Is Life

You Are My World

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You