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The Best Winter Wallpapers and Desktop Backgrounds

Love those snowy months? Now you can have winter any time. I’m always changing my desktop wallpaper with the seasons, often I do it multiple times! At the time of writing this it’s winter and I just changed mine to one of these winter wallpapers. I just love it so much. I suggest you do the same!

Browse this collection of ‘The 50 Best Winter Wallpapers’ Select one for yourself and set it as your background! While you’re at it share this gallery with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Check out more of our Wallpapers Here

*Select a wallpaper, right-click to save, and set it as your desktop wallpaper

Snowy Winter Sunset - winter wallpaper desktop background
Snowy Winter Sunset
Bears In The Forest - Winter Wallpaper Desktop Background
Bears In The Forest – Winter Wallpaper
Mountain Snow Sunset Wallpaper Desktop Background
Mountain Snow Sunset Wallpaper
Under Trees In The Snow - winter wallpaper desktop background
Under The Trees In The Snow
Cool Snowy Winter Wallpaper - landscape wallpaper backround
Cool Snowy Winter Wallpaper
Beautiful Snowflake - Winter Wallpaper Background
Beautiful Snowflake – Winter Wallpaper
Translucent Snowflake Wallpaper Background
Translucent Snowflake Wallpaper
Bear Cub Sliding In The Snow Wallpaper Desktop Background
Bear Cub Sliding In The Snow Wallpaper
snowy winter village wallpaper background,  painting art
Winter Village
Gothic Winter Scene Wallpaper Background
Gothic Winter Scene